A well made crop circle has appeared depicting a marriage proposal to a lady called LAURA . This crop circle was made by a talented circle maker ( Human ) who inadvertently created a stir within the crop circle world. You could say that he got his message across in more ways than one.
This crop circle was made during the night, using nothing more than a plank ( Stomper / board ) , surveyors tape and probably marking sticks and is clearly  visible proof that man has the capability to create land art ( crop circles ) especially all that intricate lettering.  In this instance the farmer gave permission for the crop circle to be created which could raise an eye brow hear and there - Circle makers colluding with farmers - hmmm just a thought and nothing else but an interesting thought nonetheless .  You could also say that the crop circle world has shot itself in the foot by displaying creative art without all the fancy influencing talk attached to it and making it very clear that it is man made. Surprisingly Crop Circle Connector have shown this on their web site and have included it within the annual count of crop circles when they fully know that it is man made and they fully know who the circle maker is ! . So you should ask yourself if Crop Circle Connector know one artist then how many more do they know of ?. I can assure you THEY KNOW THEM ALL !!!

Screen captured image and text from source LINK
It has to be said that its rather a novel way of proposing. By the sound of things, Laura was so impressed by the creation so she said YES - congratulations to you both.
Im sure the happy couple will venture off into a honeymoon of bliss and perhaps the circle maker will settle down and be a good husband and no longer venture out into fields in the middle of the night - but who knows maybe Laura will pick up a few hints and tips and learn the trade and even assist her husband. Anyway that's for them to decide.

You would have thought that such an obvious man made crop circle would be ignored by all the believers out there.
Well - not surprisingly there are many out there who have simply gone beyond any help, even if they stood there watching a crop circle being made they still wouldn't believe it and continue to live in denial.  Influenced heavily by the likes of Red Collies, Ossebbards, Janssens, Blakes, Mallets , Jacobs, Byrnes, Buckleys and Crop Circle Connector, all these believers unknowingly to them have been robbed of their dignity by them slandering ALL truth seekers and anyone else who is FULLY AWARE  of what is happening out there,  as they know best , because crop circle images and influencing pretty slides tell them that aliens and Apache helicopters have made it !!.

Frankly speaking we are reaching a point where respect for some ( not all ) circle makers is slowly diminishing as their work contributes to a hate campaign against everyone who has conducted true research and what is so ironic is that they call this ' Magic ' and say it ' Brings people together '  and ' It gives the world something to hope for ' . Really ! ?

What is so magical about lies and deception ? .
Anyone who believes that crop circles are from some higher dimension or from aliens then please for once in your lives sit back and think.

We know that by the way we write we risk everything simply because WE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON so anyone who  wishes  to continue and destroy our name in the name of TRUTH then that makes such people ' COWARDS ' .

Statistically speaking if we can help 1 in 10 to wake up ( which we have ) then ITS BEEN WORTH IT . 
Thank you for all your encouraging comments. 

Below are just some of the astonishing comments made via Facebook regarding this marriage proposal crop circle.

Dear Charles if you were brave enough to stand up and say ' I apologize to the world that I have made a grave mistake ' I would come and shake your hand and forgive all that you have said against me, but only the brave men with courage and respect can do that !!!!.  Think about it Charles while there is still time !
PEACE and RESPECT to all who have seen the light and walked away from darkness !!!!