<![CDATA[Crop Circle Secrets Revealed - Crop Circle Diaries]]>Wed, 01 Nov 2017 10:00:24 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Can You Decode The Message ?]]>Fri, 27 Oct 2017 15:04:15 GMThttp://cropcirclewisdom.com/crop-circle-diaries/can-you-decode-the-messageHow good are you at spotting binary codes ?
This received crop circle Image apparently has two different binary codes.
If you can help, please post your comments on our Facebook page - Im curious !
The Photoshop artist has now revealed the two part section of his intended design/message/clue.
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<![CDATA[Sour Puss Strikes Again !]]>Tue, 10 Oct 2017 22:24:20 GMThttp://cropcirclewisdom.com/crop-circle-diaries/sour-puss-alexander-strikes-againDuring 2017 crop circle season you may remember all the shenanigans regarding drone users who provided you with up to date videos and crop circle photography - in fact one regular photographer known in the crop circle world as Mr. Gyro has thrown in the towel and called it a day as he received scathing attacks and threats of calling the police by Mr. Alexander. Mr. Gyro dedicated his own time and money to bring you images absolutely for free - he even at one time gave away images for your own media publications - all he asked for was just to be given credit !
Police were indeed called during the 2017 season and threatened all unlicensed drone users with prosecution ! Not only this in previous years Mr. Alexander reported other crop circle photographers who used two seater planes to the Civil Aviation Authorities as they didnt use commercial pilots.

So what's happened now?
Slowly but surely the deception within the crop circle community is being exposed and more and more of you are finally waking up to the fact that deception has ruled the waves for decades - a hell of big pat on the back to you all for waking up!
Over the years many books have been published but sadly none of them ever spoke any truth, so what we are beginning to see now is an emergence of  " TRUTH BOOKS ". Truth books will never go down well with researchers who have written nothing but fantasy and fiction - the remaining researchers will attack such publications for sure ( an example below)  as all the books from the past will probably end up in paper recycling bins or sales will simply cease.  The new truth books will guide you in the right direction by explaining the facts - its not all doom and gloom NO NO NO ! The crop circle topic is a LOT MORE than what you may have read or been told by fantasists and egoistic money grabbers. All previous crop circle publications are 99% FAKE NEWS - so do yourself a favour and unchain that ball from your ankles and remove the cobwebs from your brains and start looking at the truth !

CROP CIRCLES Signs of Intelligence: UFOs, Aliens and Close Encounters of the Second Kind

Steve Alexander stated its never about the money - REALLY ! Take a look below ! Need we say more !
Its time you saw the light !
The Bearers Of False Gifts and Their Broken Promises
Are all the publications from the past !

<![CDATA[A circle of collusion !]]>Fri, 11 Aug 2017 01:29:16 GMThttp://cropcirclewisdom.com/crop-circle-diaries/a-circle-of-collusion
 The above graphic displays a harsh reality to all who may have thought that consciousness from other realms still influences the circle maker to this present day. We have never doubted such a possibility to exist as indeed there has been many cases over the years where it has been hard to explain how information could be transferred from a meditating individual with a specific design and location in mind to a tuned in and waiting circle maker who in turn would go out and create what he felt was information download from an external influence. Some circle makers did indeed feel as if something else was guiding them to create designs which would even leave a sceptic thinking. Designs such as the 7-7-7 ohm In East Field, the figure of eight on the 8-8-8, the Yatesbury Phoenix 2009 are just a few which were thought provoking and striking to say the the least. May be such artists were just creative as artists are or maybe there was an actual  message sent from a paranormal source through someone who had the ability to receive and then go out into the fields and create. Some circle makers even saw what they had to create by ingesting hallucinogenic substances which may have opened channels to other realms of imagination or even fact - who knows?! Some researchers were even slowly coming to terms that it was man who placed the art in the fields but the design came from some cosmic influence - again we will probably never fully know.

One thing for sure ITS ALL CHANGING and what was in the past is dissipating into thin air. With the age of the mobile phone, Facebook and Google there is not much need to deeply think anymore as information can be shared and found in matter of seconds which can be used as an advantage to all who may wish to create a mystery, intrigue and an illusion. Even Buddhist monks carry mobile phones these days ! The spirit channels which once were opened to all who cared to seek such frequencies appear to be closing.

So how on earth did we come to the conclusion that the correlation between the spirit of the phenomenon and the artist is over ?
First of all you must be able to recognise who each individual is and what role they play in the tangled web of deception before you can fully begin to see how collusion creates an illusion. In some cases names will be apparent, in other cases not so much but if you read carefully between the lines you will recognise immediately, if not read it again as its all there in black and white. We will of course drop a hint along the way where we can.

Over the last few weeks I spoke to a circle maker who opened up and explained a few truths how they made others believe that they were involved in an act of conscious intervention or telepathy between other circle makers and researchers. He highlighted two. On one occasion the circle maker in question gathered some willing and curious tourists who wanted to see and assist in the act of making  a real crop circle. To make it even more special for the tourists he simply used his mobile phone to call other circle makers, explaining briefly what design he was going to put down that night. Needless to say the other team replicated a similar design which would leave the curious tourist in awe the following day, which also made them think that they were involved in some magical experience. On another occasion, other not so experienced circle maker was toyed with - the circle maker in question drew two designs - one design was going down  in a field on the night in question, the other design was reserved for another night. So he went out and created his design while the more experienced circle maker created the less experinced makers second design, but how did the other circle maker know what the design was ?
The amateur circle maker should have been more cautious while he was sketching his ideas in the grounds of the Barge Inn - he simply didnt realise that the other circle maker was quietly observing and listening . There is a lot more to this story but on this occasion the amateur circle maker should be allowed to retain his memory of an incident which occurred at the time when he was making his first design - so no more on this !
Monarch's Way, Nr Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire. Reported 7th August 2017
The formation on the left was one of the last two of the season and was created for the purpose of research ! So yes it was man made.
The intended research was to see if any paranormal entities would appear if a formation is created on or near a ley line ( energy line ). This formation was indeed made on the Belinus Line.
The research guys, Im sure had all the right intentions to begin with but as they went out to create it they probably lost sight of the main purpose as they couldnt wait to report the formation to the regular photographer ! So they were more keen in showing off their design rather than concentrating on the main purpose - so their research intention is almost null and void as it wasnt created from the mind and heart but of curiosity only ! So the correlation between the artist ( researchers ) was all wrong, hence all they achieved is nothing more than what other regular circle makers do, which created more wild theories and nothing else. 
Out of all the research formations we have been involved with, we only reported two, one was a demonstration to a curious truth seeker  how crop circles were made and what happens after their creation, the other was reported as curiously no one ever found it. Allegedly the photographer went to the location but reported back that there was no formation there !. ( Im still wondering if the photographer ever went there ! ) The other research formations we made, we left alone for others to discover and for others to report and only on one occasion something paranormal actually happened.  Interestingly enough we went out not to attract entities but to simply brush up on our crop circle making ability. So our intention was completely opposite to what was intended with the research crop circle in Warwickshire but yet, unexpectedly it turned out to be one hell of a wild night. The formation in question also had the best bent nodes and all that nonsense of the entire season !

So what else has happened ?
I would love to expand further on the slide below but I will let you make your own conclusions. Lets just say things are not always as they seem - be careful who you follow and believe ! Read carefully between the lines !
OK what else .....
Well as you all know the 2017 crop circle season ended rather abruptly - WHY !
In the 2017 crop circle season the was a lack of circle makers making formations - so the handful that were, were simply propping up the industry so it wouldn't die off in shame and of course they had to take other risk factors into consideration such as the police claiming that crop circle making is now a definitive crime. Other contributing influence was indeed from Steve Alexander who reported drone users, who provided all images and videos  to the police - basically killing off his own business -  why should circle makers keep on providing when someone becomes greedy and constantly moans about the competition ?!
( I hear that Mr Gyro has had enough - so we may not see anymore images or videos from him in the future )
Its not just Mr. Gyro but also two other circle makers may have left the scene - this is yet to be seen in 2018 !
Image on your left:
The master crop circle maker Julian Richardson - The Legend who has taught many circle makers how to perfect the act of making perfect formations has once again returned to making beautiful beach art.

And another annoucement by another crop circle making  legend !
The planks above were used in the making of the formations as seen on the left and many many more !
There was a time of opportunity to interact with the true phenomenon - all who had an interest have missed this opportunity - the boat has been rocked and now has sailed !
It was fascinating, it was powerful and mysterious but yet greed and egos has destroyed a fundamental concept of discovering something incredible. Crop circles are NOW nothing more than human art - what was has gone and will never be the same again !
<![CDATA[Staggering Hypocrisy - Crop Circle update !]]>Tue, 01 Aug 2017 22:41:44 GMThttp://cropcirclewisdom.com/crop-circle-diaries/staggering-hypocrisy-crop-circle-update Few weeks ago we congratulated Linda Moulton Howe for not covering crop circles this season as we truly thought she finally got the message that crop circles are an artistic expression of human talent - on this occasion we have to apologise to you all as our thoughts have even mislead us into thinking that a journalist could for once be honest.
How could we forget that she does indeed speak to Lucy Pringle and does have a crop circle book to sell so crop circles are once again promoted on her website.The two ladies I hasten to say are fully aware that crop formations have a human involvement but yet they choose to ignore it by promoting FAKE NEWS ! I know that they know as they told ME during a pub lunch in 2009 ! How could they forget that ?
Earlier in the year Linda also produced a video " Revelations of alien encounters - Truth Hunter With Linda Moulton Howe " where she refers to Francesco Grassis Torino crop circle which he made in June of 2015. Francesco Grassi rather cleverly included a binary code message for all the curious minds out there to decipher - the message was " Beware ET Bearing Gifts " Sadly however, Linda chose to use quotes and wild theories from the mad scientist Horace Drew who claimed through one of his never come to fact quotes that the Torino crop circle represented some kind of clock which could be a timely warning to humanity of a Trojan horse event - which could be an earth invasion of non human entities from Zeta Reticuli and Orion !.  Wow Francesco why on earth didnt you include that in your crop circle code so we could all dig shelters in our back gardens and stock our cupboards with baked beans !.
Oh dear Linda Moulton Howe, have you not learnt from the Ansty crop circle event of 2016 ? It was a commissioned event after all or is it really a glass mothership full of pot smoking aliens that will be landing on the White House lawn any time soon?

So dear Linda if I was you I would take out the " Truth Hunter " from your video headings as you dont listen you just make up fake news as you please.
To this day I still wonder why you removed the interview from Youtube between the LA Film Crew and George Noory where an alleged crop formation appeared in the morning mist opposite Silbury Hill ( The Mayan Headdress ) Or was it because that I knew the whole thing was prearranged with the Rodericks for the film crew !!!!
Oh look !
The Mayan headdress on your right as described by Horace Drew. This formation was staged for a LA Film Crew. When this was exposed Linda Moulton Howe retired my Youtube posting which was an interview between the crew and George Noory.
What else is happening in the crop circle world ?
Some of you may have bumped into Horace Drew in Wiltshire who is currently wondering why there are no crop circles !
The comments made by Horace clearly show that he doesnt read or take anything in - his mind is his own which blocks out everything which doesnt suit his way of thinking. Horace - have you not read about the police announcement which stipulated that crop circles are now a criminal offence and all suspicious activity should be reported straight away by calling 999. Did it not cross your mind that for once circle makers are wisely being cautious - did it not cross your mind that Steve Alexander has been a pain in the back side to Drone users so circle makers  could quite easily have staged a boycott of no crop circles at all so he wouldnt have anything new to talk about for his conference - which he didnt ! Did it not cross your mind that you are there in Wiltshire calling the British drunken brain dead idiots - perhaps they are fed up with constant rubbish you constantly make up and took offence to your words ! Perhaps the conduit is really closing on you Horace as the public are finally realising the bullshit you have been dishing out is nothing but deception and lies. Or are you still under the assumption that your ET friends are still travelling distant light years in their glass mothership bong or maybe Quetzalcoatl has already arrived and eaten all the crop circle makers for breakfast !
Dear Horace Drew - The Crop Circle Establishment has always been in control of the phenomenon for reasons you still cannot grasp.
OK - so what else has been happening in the crop circle world ?
As you can see that Steve Alexanders conference has now dwindled to a very small audience ( the ones who havent woken up yet ! ) in comparison to previous years. Perhaps next time Steve will not take it for granted that circle makers are in control not him !
Many Thanks SH for the screen capture !
WOW Look at the ticket prices.
The circle makers slave while others profit !

<![CDATA[Marc Treanor creates an interpretation of the sand artists crop circle !]]>Wed, 26 Jul 2017 08:41:09 GMThttp://cropcirclewisdom.com/crop-circle-diaries/marc-treanor-creates-an-interpretation-of-the-sand-artists-crop-circleMarc Treanor creates an interpretation of the sand artists crop circle at Cley Hill - rather beautifully if I may say so.
You can see more of Marcs work HERE.

<![CDATA[Simple observation gives the game away ! ( The Metatron Cube )]]>Sat, 22 Jul 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://cropcirclewisdom.com/crop-circle-diaries/simple-observation-gives-the-game-away
 Image above right is a REPORT from within the crop circle at Cley Hill - despite the famers wishes not to enter but lets not worry about that for now. What is rather curious is the lady in the image who is full of energy and spirit has assited the master of crop circle creation with his beach art ! I will let you make your own conclusions.
Kat Kinnie mentions seeing UFO's from the crop circle - sadly they are not UFO's, the lights in the distance are the regular military flares which are set off during regular military exercises on the Salisbury Plain ( Military Zone)
**** UPDATE ****

<![CDATA[Crop Circle Energy - Explained !]]>Fri, 21 Jul 2017 03:02:01 GMThttp://cropcirclewisdom.com/crop-circle-diaries/crop-circle-energy-explainedNext topic on the agenda - coming soon
<![CDATA[Did you know ?]]>Wed, 19 Jul 2017 02:13:39 GMThttp://cropcirclewisdom.com/crop-circle-diaries/did-you-know

<![CDATA[Is The Conduit Closing On The Wiltshire Phenomenon ?]]>Mon, 17 Jul 2017 14:48:24 GMThttp://cropcirclewisdom.com/crop-circle-diaries/is-the-conduit-closing-on-the-wiltshire-phenomenonYear by year since 2009,which was considered as the peak of the phenomnenon, sightings of entities and the regularly seen balls of lights have decreased to almost zero levels. So what is the cause of the decline ?
Its a question which we can only speculate on and explore reasons as to why.
The year 2009 was indeed the ultimate peak in crop circle creation and entity sightings, almost every day someone would report seeing something out of the ordinary - there was an ultimate buzz of curiosity  flowing through the air - it was like a virus spreading its faith to all who stepped on the ancient soil of Wiltshire. 
Human presence was in abundance in comparison to what it is now - so the question arises whether the true phenomenon was disturbed in its habitat or did it put on a show to all who sought its presence, or was it there temporarily for a reason ?
Back then the majority of us would have a camera and even a camcorder ready to shoot but even then, the best equipment could only capture grainy shots as the phenomenon always kept a certain distance but it did allow us to capture a memory of something which we would not get to see if we didnt climb the hills and walk the fields.
So what is the cause of the decline?
Over the years more and more people have woken up to the fact that crop circles are a human creation so the attraction to visit becomes less and less - some say that it was the human energy which attracted the phenomenon but there again if there is less public watching the skies then the chances are there will be less sightings. We should also questions how the phenomenon thinks - the phenomenon has to have some form of intelligence where it can decide what if feels by what it sees  or is it right or is it wrong? By what we have seen so far it is fair to say that the phenomenon has to have a set of protocals to follow - if it didnt then we would all be so enlightened by now and the search for life beyond ours would be well and truly over.
The curious point here is; the phenomenon must be aware of our behaviour in a subject which is filled with spirituality as well as corruption, so what does the phenomen favour ?. After all Its own presence muddies the waters even more which contributes to a rash human behaviour - so has it finally decided its time to close that conduit of belief and leave the human to sort out its own mess?
Affordable technology may also be a huge contributing factor - these days quality night vision and high definition cameras with long zoom range capabilities will no longer cripple the bank balance. Where before we could only capture grainy images, now its possible to capture crystal clear 4k images and video. If we had such equipment back in 2009 and beyond then WOW we would have all been able to confirm extraterrestrial life, but it was not to be. So is the phenomenon aware of human technology advancement - hence its keeping out of our way or has it even left locations where once it may have called home as it knows it can no longer safely perform apparitions as  humans with their high tech equipment are nearing its discovery?
At the end of the day no one really knows - so the hunt for answers continues!

The image above is Golden Ball Hill where many reports of entity sightings have occured. Balls of light have been seen to fly into the circular clump of trees and simply vanish.
Image above is a typical capture of a Ball Of Light skimming the tops of the crop. Such sights have now become rare.

<![CDATA[The Insane World Of Crop Circle Researchers !]]>Sat, 15 Jul 2017 03:56:48 GMThttp://cropcirclewisdom.com/crop-circle-diaries/the-insane-world-of-crop-circle-researchersAs you may have noticed - since the police intervention and the introduction of police drones the crop circle world has gone silent.
We have always said to you that its the circle maker and the ones who control the alleged phenomenon are utlimately in control as to what happens next. In this current situation of threats by the police, human circle makers and drone photographers have wisely decided to give it a temporary rest while the dust settles. They will of course be back but that all depends on the behaviour of other parties who have a vested interest in crop circle photography - the ones who rely on an income that is ! So at the moment its pointless making a crop circle if no one will fly their drones and take video and still images as the risk of being caught and kit confiscated is at an all time high.
BUT THERE AGAIN - it could of course be a tactical ploy to push the public to the one and only controlled crop circle at Hackpen Hill which is currently raking in the cash ! Always consider the alternative plan !
The above slide speaks for itself so its pointless expanding on it any further !

I will however explore some new Horace Drews comments and ask him to answer some questions. I cant ask him directly on his Facebook page as I cant imagine he would accept me as a digital friend. I know he pops in here quite frequently so maybe he will answer these questions on his Facebook page or you never know I may even bump into him in Wiltshire ( Camera rolling of course ) 
Goodness gracious what on earth is going on here ???!!!

As a long-term professional scientist, I have been trying to understand the warped minds of some people who call me a "conspiracy theorist". Just because I have seen a silver saucer close in daylight, and have seen much evidence that "crop circles" are often mysterious, and not the work of unseen "men with boards".

Dear Horace its not that you may have seen a UFO we dont doubt that but we do doubt your warped mind when it comes down to analysing corp circles - WHAT EVIDENCE DO YOU PERSONALLY HAVE THAT CROP CIRCLES ARE NOT THE WORK OF UNSEEN MEN WITH BOARDS ?

My task as a scientist is first to study and organize the facts, before reaching any conclusions. The two major facts concerning crop circles are: (1) some of the... largest and most amazing ones have been seen by multiple witnesses just to "appear silently", while no one else is there; and (2) when we examine closely how the plants have been laid down, or otherwise woven, often we see complex features which could not have been made by "men with rope and boards" in a hundred years. There is zero (no, zip, goose-egg) doubt about these two, major observational facts.

Dear Horace as a scientist one would imagine you would have to explore EVERY FACTOR before reaching a conclusion, but as you havent seen a crop circle being made or have ever made one yourself and you havent studided the after effects of a man made crop circle then is that really scientific ? Or are just making it up as you go along as it sounds good to all the poor sheep who follow you ?
You have also made an extraordinary statement claiming that there has been multiple witness's who have seen a crop circle appear silently when there is no one there. Can you please let us all know which crop circles you are reffering to and who are the witness's please ! 
As for the plants being laid down - once again you have made a rash and uncientific statement as you havent tried it or seen it done,  then how on eath would you know if men couldnt it make it ? You simply dont know, you just ASSUME !


By contrast, the few people who call me a "conspiracy theorist" first decide on some hypothetical theory which they like, or which they have seen on TV, or have read about in the newspapers. They never stop to compare this theory with the actual facts, whether because they like to conform, cannot think logically, or are just plain dumb.

Am Im reading this right ? Where do you get your wild theories from Horace ? I guess you just Google it and come up with some made up nonsense - do you not ? How can you say actuall facts when you dont know the facts, you assume aliens have sent a message which apparently you are the one and only scientist who is qualified to decipher in any way which suits you !

Almost all (with a few exceptions) of news reporters, skeptics, or other "authority" figures are of this kind. They do not follow the basic principles of "science" as it has been developed since the time of Galileo about 400 years ago. Hypotheses today cannot just be "assumed". They have to be tested and compared against factual observational evidence.

Dear Horace - you dont follow basic principles of science - do you ?
And so there you have it - Horace says hypotheses cannot just be assumed but yet thats exactly what he does - he assumes ! Isnt a theory an assumption ? And then he goes on to say ' They have to be tested and compared against factual observational evidence'. Dear God Horace you really are a hypocrtic of your own making ! YOU HAVE NEVER MADE A CROP CIRCLE _ YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS AT WORK so once again - how on earth can you call such statements as factual when you really havent got a clue !

What would it take to get more people to actually "think"? That is what I am pondering, as I prepare to travel again to England, and what our E.T. friends may be pondering, as their large mothership grows closer to Earth. Bye for now!

WOW ! Im sure all of us cant wait to see this mothership arrive on August 21st. Make sure you all have your tin foil hats ready folks.
Also I do wonder sometimes why Horace yet again assumes ET's are his friends, what if its some reptilian race ready to have him for dinner !? How do you know they are your friends Horace ?

There are other comments in between so decide the rest for yourselves - as seen below.