This is based on observation more than anything else - if anyone can disprove it then feel free to do so !

The arrival of a new crop circle in Green Street Avebury Wiltshire reported on
29th July 2014 has aroused suspicion simply through an image provided by THE HENGE SHOP ( Souvenir type shop which is located in the heart of Avebury as seen in the image below)
To date I am not aware of any aerial images to have been submitted by the Henge Shop to any crop circle archives as Steve Alexander used to provide photos and books which were for sale within this store. So its a surprise to see that the Henge Shop took to the skies and took images of a new crop circle just up the road from the shop and quickly reported it to crop circle connector.
From an outsiders point of view it looks and sounds suspicious !. WHY you may ask ?!. This year 2014 has seen tourist levels plummet. Anyone who has been to these parts of the world would know that the peak of the season is bustling with tourists and crop circle visitors but this year ( 2014 Wiltshire is silent ). So has desperation to pull in the tourist resulted in making a sneaky crop circle by ..... well that's for you to work out ?!
Notice how they have gone to the trouble of describing this mathematically malfunctioned circle ( hence they added the central line to cover up their mistake ( they miscalculated the outer half circles ).


Desperation strikes the heart of failure !

The Etchilhampton crop circle has created a bit of a controversy !. Originally it was thought that Monique Klinkenbergh secured her first pass to enter this crop circle ( as seen by Monique's  announcement below which was made on same day 27th of July 2014, as the arrival of the crop circle in question)
A day later some real facts begun to emerge after the farmer made his announcement which we posted on our Facebook Page ( The announcement was also made on Crop Crop Circle Connector )
As you can clearly see the kind farmer allowed a rare FREE ACCESS.
This crop circle was made by a newbie/amateur circle maker !
Due to these announcements Monique begun to cover up her mistakes as seen in the slide below !

To this day i receive emails from people who are stuck in a loop claiming that crop circles are real alien creation due to scientific proof !!!!!


To add to the slide below please allow me to add some other VERY IMPORTANT FACTS !!

Every honest researcher should make a crop circle at various stages of plant growth. This will give them the same anomaly results as NANCY TALBOTT's so called scientific proof of various anomalies found.

Current researchers have either made a crop circle but refuse to acknowledge that all anomalies are explainable or are natural occurrences as they would have to reprint their books due to the reliance of BLTs fabricated reports.

Current researchers also have refused to make crop circle for their own study as they don't want to know that all anomalies are explainable or are natural occurrences !

Some current researchers know that BLT's reports are rubbish but they prefer to string you along as it makes them money !

You would have thought that with all the cash donated to BLT - Nancy would at least have sufficient income to buy appropriate equipment such as TIME LAPSE cameras which would show how bent nodes occur and provide video reports - BUT THERE IS NONE !

No researcher ever reports that plant anomalies also occur due to plant disease !

It is absolutely unbelievable that all believers are relying to justify their belief purely by fabricated scientific reports !!!

If you still don't believe in what we say then go and buy a kids chemistry set from a toy shop and test your own soil samples and to find out about plant behavior then simply grow some wheat in your own gardens and flatten some during various stages of growth and observe what happens !. If you want to know the truth then all you have to do is to be willing to find the truth rather than relying on reports by people who clearly have agendas up their sleeves.

Oh my you have been a busy boy !
Cramming crop circles in very fast as wheat harvest has begun !

Made by suspect campers from the Barge Inn !
We have been informed that it was made by a Dutch Team and someone who has come out of a temporary retirement !

Just in case you didn't read it the first time - here it is again !
This crop circle arrived on the day of the conference tour but it would have probably been to far for the tour group to travel. On the itinerary it states that the group would visit two circles. So we suspected that other crop circle(s) would be made but not released to the public until the tour group has been there to visit and no doubt were told that it was a miracle that a crop circle appeared just for them !.   
As predicted a crop circle was indeed reported day after the conference crop circle tour, BUT only one ! -  so how did they manged to visit two ?!. Well that's easy to explain. The devoted circle maker who didn't want to disappoint Steve Alexander ( we know who he is - don't worry circle maker mums the word ! ) made sure that his new formation was only 10 minute drive from the one he made on the 22nd July. The drive to these locations would only take 30 - 40 minutes from Devizes the pick up point for the tour, at the most - leaving plenty of time to spend in each formation !!.
So the chances are that these are the two formations the blind soul tour group would have visited ! ( as shown below )

Welsh Way, nr Barnsley, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 22nd July
The Windmill, nr Quenington, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, Reported 26th July
A day after the conference tour !
And the distance between the two as shown on the map below !!!.
And its even a good possibility that Lucy Pringle inadvertently captured them on camera !!!

Images top and right -
What is also highly interesting is when this crop circle was reported, Monique and another crop circle Facebook page posted it on their Facebook pages but mysteriously removed all content relating to this formation several hours later.
HMMMM ! Why do you think they took such action ?
Think bout it folks !

Crop Circle Tour groups have taken for granted that Wiltshire will  constantly provide the entertainment for their high price paying clients. Some tour organisers have charged their clients up to $5,000 just to see English crop circles - BUT when there is none in Wiltshire as expected then they become desperate and break some fundamental rules which infuriate farmers !.
Crop circle tour organisers when will you learn that crop circles are made by human artists - they are in control where crop circles are made not aliens !.

Anyone who is attending this weekends (25th - 27th July ) crop circle conference in Devizes and are willing to make a report about what was said during the conference then please use the PRIVATE MAIL facility if you wish to stay anonymous. I hope you don't fall asleep and regret spending £50 !
Anyway the slide below is for your consideration and for the purpose of possibility.
( The TXT message of locations has probably been already sent !)
Just in case you haven't seen this then here it is again.
What I find astonishing is listening to Elizabeth Zollinger who runs down the crop artist Julian Richardson during Steve Alexanders conference !
Julian has provided quality crop circles for many years for Steve Alexander to print in his books and calendars but yet Steve  sitting in the background and listening to the absolute b******s and probably counting the takings !. UNBELIEVABLE HYPOCRISY !


Sorry for bringing your name into this Julian but It HAD TO BE SAID !
Watch from 16:30.
Talk about deception - the true deception is being performed in front of your eyes. E. Zollinger is nothing more than a crop circle tourist NOT A TRUE RESEARCHER

Free copy available by following this link - THE WORST CROP CIRCLE BOOK EVER !
As seen in 2013 ......
UPDATE 25th JULY 2014
Well there you have it, that's crop circle number 1 as predicted - the first arrival has been reported sooner than anticipated.

Good design BUT what went wrong? - Looks a bit out of shape !!
Sutton Hall, nr Rochford, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 24th July.
BINGO !! As predicted. Crop circle is released into the public arena a day after the crop circle tour which was part of Steve Alexanders conference. Are you listening folks ?

Credit to the Bavarian team of circle makers for creating a very tidy formation.
Image Copyright 2014

Images Markus Neubauer Copyright 2014
Is it the same team that created the 2012 crop circle ( as seen on the left ) reported on July 29th, 2012 in Andechs Abbey, Bavaria, Germany - I wonder !?

The ' 8 ' The symbol of Christ.
The Phoenix - death to old and rebirth to something new.
“The syllable OM, which is the imperishable Brahman, is the universe.  Whatsoever has existed, whatsoever exists, and whatsoever shall exist hereafter, is OM.  And whatsoever transcends past, present, and future, that also is OM.”
This circle maker will not be aware that it was his art which took me on a journey of discovery and inspiration. His art touched me in every possible way - it pushed all the switches deep inside which evolved into a remarkable journey.
I may be wrong but this circle maker MUST HAVE had some kind of inspiration or conscious guidance from realms beyond our comprehension to create masterpieces with powerful meanings.

Reflecting through his own words - i get the feeling he knew what was to happen - hence the creation of ' The Phoenix ' 
These are the words from a circle maker known as Thomas Anderson. NAMASTE Sir !

What an interesting season so far. 2014 seems to be a very negative year - farmers reportedly carrying guns around their fields, crop circles destroyed by entities unknown, researchers throwing in the towel, 'croppies' getting downright nasty and abusive (no change there), Circle Makers leaving the fields of Wiltshire behind them. Even the globally famous Barge Inn has phased out its iconic connection with crop circles (except for the appearance of Mallet's Silent Circle shop out by the camp-site - ironic because of the amount of Circle-Making patrons that frequent the bar). Is this the death of the phenomenon? I believe it is. The circles have been in steady decline over the past few years, both in quantity and quality. I predict it will only get worse in years to come. Which is not surprising really - it is a fact of life that everything comes to an end sooner or later; the only constant is change. I imagine certain profiteers will soon have to rethink their dwindling means of income. Having said that I am grateful to have been a part of such an inspiring art form at its peak. For me the circles have been the key to new understandings of the world around me. I have both worked and connected with some amazing and talented people. I have also learned not to take the point of view of others at face value, but to scratch beneath the surface to look for truth. This was something I learned in the early years. Many of you understand exactly what I mean... Despite their misgivings, I am thankful to those who produced books, calendars, T-shirts and jewelry of personal designs. Although in principle we do not see eye to eye, it would be somewhat arrogant not acknowledge that without them how would our art be seen and appreciated the world over? We owe them a debt of gratitude, and they us. Also, and most importantly, I give thanks to Wonderful Wiltshire for permitting the art to be created in its landscape. How privileged are we to work beneath the stars on a warm summer evening? To witness otherwise unnoticed heavenly events? To be present at sunrise and working in the shadow of so many ancient sites? So thank you from my heart Wiltshire. And thank you crop circles. It's been fun.

AKA Thomas Anderson
The hummingbird has powerful spiritual significance. In the Andes of South America the hummingbird is a symbol of resurrection. It seems to die on cold nights, but comes back to life again at sunrise.