April 24, 2015

Colin is still in recovery following his serious health emergency in late March. He thanks everyone for their wonderful support and kind messages. While his current focus must be on full recovery, which is proceeding well, regrettably he feels strongly about a recent Coast to CoastAM interview with Nancy Talbott, hence the following:
Colin Andrews responds to the Coast to Coast AM radio interview with Nancy Talbott (BLT): ANDREWS BLIND TESTING OF BLT's INCREDIBLE CLAIMS FOLLOWING ANALYSIS OF PLANTS FROM CROP CIRCLES AND WIND DAMAGE. Why did Talbott fail to answer the most important questions, instead create a myth in her attack on Andrews and fabricate all of the facts? All of them. Andrews video of the 1995 Blind Test is released now for the first time and more documentary evidence that Levengood got it very wrong and even took part in blind testing those around him!!!!.
Colin comments: It is important for those who have and are studying crop circles and the consciousness connections, to know what information to trust and what not to. If we can’t pin down the here and now, what hope have we to explore the frontiers of other much less visible realities? That is why I am incensed by the false material emanating from Nancy Talbott and BLT. I would want to have confidence that I could believe hard black and white facts related to the here and now, such as flattened plants, before I am prepared to venture into the territory she claims is real and which she also claims comes in the form of messages and spirit photographs from the deceased Elvis Presley, John Lennon, JFK, Dutch Royalty and many more. Even my deceased friends and former crop circle researchers, Pat Delgado, Paul Vigay and David Kingston, etc.
This rebuttal along with new supportive evidence, relates only to plant analysis and Nancy Talbott’s false claims.
My response to Talbott is not personal, it is to ensure all of us be given access to true history and not a re-write of a mythical reality some of these characters are hell bent to create. – Colin Andrews
New Evidence to correct the outrageous inaccuracies and lies :
Crop Circles: "Nancy Talbott and BLT got it wrong and they should just admit it"

Colin Andrews, myself and many others have stated for some time now that BLT ' s crop circle science is an absolute fraud !. The truth is finally coming to light with an additional statement from Shelly Bourne who was once a BLT sample collector.…

To: Colin Andrews
From: XXXX Removed by CA
Subject: Nancy Talbott
Date: 04/24/2015 at 06:13 PM (GMT -5) from

Subject: Coast to Coast radio broadcast
Name: Shelley Bourne (Formerly: Keel)
Country: United Kingdom

Hi Colin,

I have listened to Nancy Talbott on the radio show and have also read the script for said show. To be really honest I
have not heard such rubbish in all the 61 years that I have been on this planet. Firstly, Nancy Talbott did not hire me
and James to do plant sampling for BLT, we volunteered when you asked if we would be interested in helping BLT
with sampling crop circles. What Nancy Talbott said about paying us to do said sampling is utter rubbish. The only
money handed to us from BLT was for posting the samples to Levengood.

As you know, James and I are not related to you in any way. We got to know about you and your research in 1989
through Yvonne working with your sister-in-law Jean. We have all spent many hour's adding up to what must be
years out in the fields doing measuring and sampling etc for C.P.R. (Circles Phenomenon Research).

We did not cheat Nancy Talbott or BLT in any way and I want her to explain to me how we are supposed to have
done this? James and I had been talking to each other for a number of weeks about the doubts we had with the
result's that Levengood was sending to us, it was then we decided to flatten some wheat and send samples to
Levengood and from the results we had back we knew that he was doing something wrong during his research
process (everything came back positive when we knew this was not correct).

Why did Nancy Talbott say that she had sent us out to sample the circle at Leckford (the blind test site) when we
were the only ones that knew what we were going to do? Nancy Talbott did not decide which circles we sampled
because more often than not we knew about them and had sampled them before she even knew they existed. The
only occasion that Talbott sent us to sample, was a field next to Silbury Hill that was almost completely flattened by
lodging. James and I spent hours doing this and got no results back and I must say this happened quite often.

The whole answer to the questions asked were total crap, it sounded to me that what she didn't know she made up.
As I said at the beginning of this email and I say again, Nancy Talbott NEVER paid James or I for our services to
BLT. I would strongly suggest that Nancy Talbott get's her facts correct before she opens her mouth in public in
future. Most of what she said on Coast to Coast is not worth writing about.

You have my permission to use this email or any part as you wish.

Anyway I do hope you are feeling much better now. Please say hi to Synthia from me, please keep well and happy.

Shelley Bourne (Formerly Keel)

*** Many thanks to Star Merlin for guiding me in the right direction to a theory which could potentially solve the big mystery as to why people claim to have been healed in crop circles ***
ITS REALLY QUITE BEAUTIFUL but Im not going to tell you just yet !!!
Some of you may already know the answer but do you ?
Answer/the theory coming soon so watch this space !!

Yet another rubbish creation by antidepressant pill popping circle maker !. Whats the point in even trying to impress the public when you cant even create something decent. CRAP !.
When will the public realise that this is the work of attention seeking amateur criminals not some aliens from distant galaxies. The top artists are still around, the few who are, have much deeper relation with the spirit of the landscape and the associated phenomenon - this latest creation is not the work of a top artist but by a meddling fool.  The only phenomenon these amateur creations  will attract is the money grabbing greedy individuals who have robbed the spirit from people who are seeking hope !. How many times have I tried to tell you people - WE KNOW WHATS GOING ON WILTSHIRE SO PLEASE FOR ONCE - WAKE UP AND STOPPING FEEDING THE TILLS OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE DECEIVED YOU !
These mindless individuals deserve the farmers  fork to be stuck right up their backsides

It looks like the 2015 crop circle season has begun but sadly with an amateur effort design in premature crop - whats the point of something as rubbish as this !

This image was received via email with no explanation, so how you respond to it is entirely up to you.
Image appears to be a screen capture from a 30 second video, paused at the appropriate moment - this could indeed be a distraction to create a mystery as to the origin of the crop circle. A military personnel is cleverly included in the image, giving the impression of military involvement. Do apply caution where you go with this ( Remember NVIDIA stunt in California ) as the regular suspects who create promotional crop circles come to mind !. This of course could be a very good Photoshop creation !. Lets just wait and see ! 

You have asked me whether my images of various entities captured generally in Wiltshire are genuine ?. I have absolutely no hesitation to inform you all that all images and featured events are 100% genuine. So what I have decided to do is to run through each event in a series of Youtube videos for clarification. All the videos will be listed under the title heading of this blog. If you have any questions or comments please use the contact form.

Yet again another disappointment !
Looks like a well made documentary but unfortunately the same old looping theories, the same old researchers with the same opinions  and the same old stories. When will documentary makers finally get a grip and start to sing a different tune. There are secrets out there in the fields for sure but producers need to start to talk to different people ( who know ) to make any headway and begin to walk the paths of real truths.

There are elements where the officer will of course be cautious with words.

Mr. Colin Andrews talks about his encounter with the CIA, which resulted in a worldwide hoax concerning Crop Circles.
Interesting where Colin mentions the simple circles - well yes, the simple circles could be defined as unexplained but all patterned circles are 100% man made.