Does this new crop circle resemble a Tribal Shield ?.
You can clearly see that at this time of year crop becomes harder to work with - hence imperfections become more visible.

Ackling Dyke (2), nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, United Kingdom. Reported 22nd August 2014

A folk style crop circle song for your enjoyment. Very good Dancing Hare - I love it !
Here are the lyrics if you wish to sing along. Enjoy

A celebration of the many years of crop circle designs, with links for further exploration. A song from dancing Hare album released in August 2014.
Patterns of perfect geometry,
Messages from the constellations,
Whirls, loops and diamond shapes,
Signs of amazing science and nature.

Dusk through the night there’s stirring,
Mist over the tops of the corn,
Sounds of a paddle and tapping,
Under the moon until birdsong at dawn.

The organic artists of land,
The Banksy walls of the wheat,
Shuffling into the darkness,
Spiritual inspiration at our feet.

Doug and Dave or Julian and Matt,
Barge Inn designs and a pint at the bar
Circles from England and beyond,
Barrows and fields under the stars.

Groups of designs in the field,
As the sun rises do you believe?
Magical orb seen darting across,
As growing watchers gather to see.

Viewed from the road or sky,
The message is there in the rye,
Racing to see the lines in the field,
Before the plough waves them goodbye.

Images changing every year,
We’ve even seen them in the sand,
Amazing shapes drawing the crowds,
All made at the circle makers hand.


Let’s raise a glass to the Circle maker
The croppies paddle and line,

Im sure I dont need to remind you that August produces the best looking crop circle out of the whole season but why ?
Thats a simple answer !
This new formation was reported on the 16th of August. By this time of the year its almost dark by 9:00 pm and it stays dark till 5:30am - giving the circle makers more night time hours to create bigger and more creative formations.
I have a feeling that the team who made the Ufton crop circle on 25th of June 2010 Warwickshire are responsible for this new creation, again in Warwickshire.

Farmer rightfully not pleased.
Nettle Hill, nr Ansty, Warwickshire, United Kingdom. Reported 16th August.
This formation barely lasted one day - it has now been harvested by the farmer.
The shabby crop circle on the right was a little to large to make for the time of year - quite clearly circle makers run out of night time hours and probably run out of steam. Reported on June 18th in Yatesbury was slightly ambitious for the maker who didn't take into consideration that at this time of year we only get 4 hours of darkness - on cloudless nights you will be pushing 3.5 hours at the most !. But on August 16 ( date when the new ' All seeing eye was created ' ) circle makers would have at least 7 hours to play with. With a skilled team they probably would complete The Nettle Hill formation in between 5 to 6hrs at tops.

At this stage in the season wheat becomes harder to work with as the drooping seed heads catch against other seed heads  thus creating a Velcro effect when flattening so these artists did extremely well in creating a perfect formation. Well done !
Gussage St Andrews, Nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, United Kingdom. Reported 13th August

What I like about Crop circle connectors and Mat Gyros photography is that they show an image as it was captured. So if a crop circle looks rough then you will see it through their images exactly as it is - rough !. No touching up to hide imperfections or nasty paths created by the public. I fully appreciate that brightness, contrast and a touch of sharpness will be applied to brighten up an image, this is quite acceptable but when you begin to manipulate the image to influence the public through commercial products such as books and calendars then its absolutely  wrong as it gives the public the wrong impression. It is an absolute fact that the majority of crop circle believers decide that a crop circle is alien made through an image alone !. Images are highly influential especially the DOCTORED ONES !!! . Sad really but Cest La Vie !
So if you have bought a calendar or a book with crop circles looking razor sharp and crisp be rest assured that addition after effects have been added. Good old Photoshop !.

Due to the return of frequent rain fall, harvest has slightly been delayed so there are one or two fields sill out there for circle makers to squeeze in the odd circle here and there. Fields are wet and muddy and wheat seed heads are drooping which is not the best recipe for making perfect designs. 

The latest report  - a simple circular design in wheat.

Mixon, nr Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 12th August 2014

Wiltshire Phenomenon HAS GONE TO SLEEP !?

The actual phenomenon has slowly decreased since 2009 - was 2009 the pinnacle or the finale of active paranormal events ?.
Thats a question I would love to answer but not today !

During the season we have been out and about night watching on several occasions but with regret it has been a season with no sight of anything which would indicate whether the phenomenon such as balls of light is still active. Wiltshire skies and landscapes are still and very quiet apart from the odd military helicopter here and there. In January of 2014 we have received two unverified reports but that's it - since then as far as I'm aware there has been no other sightings reported.
If you have been night watching and have any stories of interest to tell then we would like to hear from you - thank you.
Long exposure images from our night watches in Wiltshire.
Thats it for the season we wont be back to investigate further until 2015. Thank you Wiltshire for many years of spectacular sights it has been educational and enlightening.
There is one and only unexplained capture which we have absolutely no idea what it may be. We have been to the location and photographed it again but there is nothing there which would resemble the captured object. This was captured on June 20th 2014.
Many thanks to Rob Martins for verifying and confirming the anomalous capture.
Slides by Rob Martins.

Robert Irving
John Lundberg
The artists from who made the Salinas California marketing stunt for NVIDIA venture into English fields to promote a whiskey brand which has been orbiting on the International space station. The full story below:


•A crop circle with a diameter of 200 ft (over 60 metres) has been discovered in a field near The Jodrell Bank Observatory in Lower Withington, Cheshire •The crop circle includes the image of Shortie the Jack Russell – beloved mascot of the Ardbeg Distillery •Ardbeg Single Malt Whisky made history in October 2011 when it became the first ever distillery to send new-make spirit to Space •The Ardbeg spirit is set to return to Earth in the coming months

Ardbeg distillery mascot Shortie, a Jack Russell, has been honoured with his very own crop circle as a message of thanks to the astronauts currently working on a unique science project to discover the effects of gravity on whisky maturation.

The unusual portrait was designed by crop circle expert John Lundberg who along with a team of 8 circle makers spent over ten hours creating the striking installation. The crop circle measures 200ft (over 60 metres) and stands in view of the famous Jodrell Bank Observatory’s Lovell Telescope, the third largest steerable radio telescope in the world.

The crop circle, which can be found in a field in Cheshire, was created to celebrate the much anticipated return to Earth of the Ardbeg spirit sample. The team aboard the International Space Station took delivery of the Ardbeg new-make spirit sample in October 2011 in order to conduct a series of experiments into zero-gravity maturation – and the Ardbeg experiment is set to return to Earth in the coming months.

During the spirit’s tenure on the International Space Station there has been a visit by the Winter Olympics torch, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield’s infamous rendition of Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ and the world’s first robotic astronaut’s Earth-bound plea for his human companion to come and join him in space.

Ardbeg Single Malt spirit molecules, along with particles of charred oak, have been in orbit on the International Space Station as part of an experiment to see how the Single Malt spirit and oak mature together at zero gravity for the last three years. Alongside parallel tests conducted in Warehouse 3 of the Islay-based distillery, Space Research Company NanoRacks LLC hopes to discover the differences in maturation processes between the Earth-based and micro-gravity samples. The results of the experiment are expected to prove ground-breaking in a number of industries, not just whisky distilling. This is the first time that anyone has studied the effects of zero-gravity on maturation.

Mickey Heads, Ardbeg Distillery Manager, says, “We wanted to know what effect gravity can have on the maturation process, so three years ago we sent up vials of Ardbeg’s new-make spirit to the International Space Station. The wait is nearly over with the experiment set to return to Earth in the coming months. But before the capsule leaves the Space Station we wanted to say thanks to the astronauts by sending them a rather special message from us here on Earth.”

Hmmm the style used to create the Jack Russell dog looks suspiciously the same as seen in the Forest Hill formation which was reported 16th of July 2014. Perhaps it was a test run - wink wink !!

Good to see someone taking their time by creating a basic design but it is fairly neat and tidy. Slight wobble on one side of the circle but not even the stunning ones are perfect.
Above collage: