Another ambitious design with lots of errors but good to see something different for a change. This crop circle has access granted through CGI - Paul Jacobs scheme.

Why bother even reporting and wasting photographers time, when this crop circle has clearly gone wrong. Whoever attempted this  creation should face up to it and admit that its crap, keep quiet and walk away. Next time this maker reports one of his creations then If it was me, I would be reluctant to travel 3 to 4 hours just in case its crap again.

Sorry but this one is 100% crap !

Look at the picture and check the credits, to the right bottom.
To the right of the word "Grassi" you'll clearly see a flattened triangle in the same line with the 7 circles.
Read the line containing the triangle, with this convention: flattened circles as 0 and the non-flattened ones as 1.
You'll get: 01110100

From binary to ASCII you have:
01110100 -> "t"

But, could the triangle have a different convention?
Why not? It is a different symbol, so if you consider the flattened triangle as 1 you have (from binary to ASCII):
01110110 -> "v"

So, the line containing the triangle it's a "t" or a "v"?
That's a key clue to remember, let's go ahead.

Decoding from binary to ASCII the remaining 15 circle lines you have "timeo ET ferentes!", this is simple.

But there is something missing because the original quote says:
timeo *Danaos* ET *dona* ferentes!

Where are the *Danaos*?
Where are the *dona*?

And what about the "t" vs "v" decoding?
If you choose to read it as "v" you have "vimeo" instead of "timeo".

So, timeo or vimeo?

Let's find the *Danaos*.
The couple of standing triangles in the flattened area, to the left of "ET", they give a clue to read the triangles in the larger ring.

Let's find the *dona*.
The couple of standing triangles in the flattened area, to the right of "ET", they give a clue to read the triangles in the inner ring.

If you read the triangles in the internal ring (flattened = 1, same as "v" convention), you'll have:
*dona* = 111100100000100011000010001

Convert it from binary to decimal, you have:
*dona* = 126895633

Now, if you read the triangles in the larger ring (flattened = 1, same as "v" convention), you'll have:
*Danaos* = 10010111101100001000000000

Convert it from binary to decimal, you have:
*Danaos = 39764480

It's time to put together vimeo, *dona* and *Danaos*.

The secret gift-video is:
Password: 39764480

Francesco Grassi made this artwork at night on June 20, 2015 with his friends:

Simone Angioni
Paolo Attivissimo
Nino Atzei
Stefano Bardelli
Roberta Baria
Andrea Berti
Roberto Camisana
Davide Dal Pos
Nicolas D'Amore
Andrea Fadde
Elena Faro
Antonio Ghidoni
Ennio Legrottaglie
Monica Mautino
Davide Moro
Marco Morocutti
Alessandra Pandolfi
Chiara Pasquini
Rodolfo Rolando
Mario Rossi
Chiara Segrè
Rosita Sormani
Mariano Tomatis

Thanks for enjoying my art.

Francesco Grassi — with Antonio Ghidoni, Davide Dal Pos, Marco Morocutti, Alessandra Pandolfi, Nicolas D'Amore and Stefano Bardelli.

A huge thank you to every visitor to this website for the compliments and even the complaints. The ones who have complained are slowly but surely beginning to understand that fraud, corruption, trickery and human mockery is writhe in the crop circle world. As a follower or a believer you are encouraging all such traits to flourish and continue. It gives the ones who are continually trying to convince you that crop circles are originating from paranormal sources,  strength and power over your dignity and self respect as a human being who regards oneself as intelligent. Do not lose your dignity, intelligence and self respect on the vultures who are preying on your innocence, do not allow yourself to be tricked by science that is fabricated and do not allow yourself to be influenced by researchers who tell you that  aliens aliens arrive each summer just to destroy some farmers crop !

You have all been hoodwinked by ALL researchers who are now desperately trying to preserve their egoistic ways and will fight back with desperate lies and even crummy theories, just so they can capture your imagination. PLEASE PLEASE I ask you to think twice before you commit yourself to making comments on social media in favor of the crop circle industry as it is what they seek and want you to do as this keeps on spreading and promoting criminality and ways to promote all researchers who are profiteering from you. All profiteers will give you shiny reports on crop circles and how wonderful they are - be cautious when you see pleas for donations and adverts to sell expensive tours, books and dvds etc.

We call crop circles as an industry, as this is exactly what it is !. Crop circles have created a multi million pound industry which reached an enormous money making  peak in 2009. All researchers are just interested in how much their bank accounts are growing but yet they have no interest in the REAL PHENOMENON that occurs in Wiltshire - WHY ? . The answer is very simple - they have no interest in the REAL PHENOMENON as they can not make any money out it. A crop circle picture in a calendar, books and documentaries will sell like hot cakes, because it looks pretty and all because you have been told that  aliens have made it  but the REAL PHENOMENON is sadly being ignored as this costs money, time, dedication and personal investment in essential equipment.

Researchers also seek fame and popularity as this gives them an edge in the world of press and media, which of course is a huge promotion for their merchandise. The more they are publicized the more you are taken in by
their halo of inability to give you the real facts. Sadly the real facts are that crop circles are created by man - its art, at its most captivating form which is abused by individuals who cannot be truthful, as every book or DVD published by them would make them look dishonest - so they have to hide what they know as their respect would be flushed down the toilet overnight and have their publications thrown away as trash !. I personally have done exactly this, all past publications are no longer on my shelf as I cant bare to read or watch such nonsense. All the publications to date are considered to be written and produced by self appointed people who call themselves experts. Let me tell you that the is no expert in the crop circle world, especially the ones who claim that crop circles are the efforts of aliens who sit at their desks year after year designing repetitive pictograms. However there are good and honest researchers out there who do not seek fame or fortune, they report everything as it is discovered, analyzed, scrutinized, they climb mountains and turn over every stone but yet you don't want to see or read their reports as your minds have already been infected by scrupulous people who want nothing more than to destroy your human dignity.

PLEASE PLEASE take into consideration that man has evil ways to capture your souls for their own gratification, man has the ability to influence, man has the ability to create an illusion and man HAS THE ABILITY TO CREATE ANY ART FORM in any canvas that he/she chooses. Open your eyes and stop asking silly questions, think about every possibility, not once but twice. if your still not happy or decisive in what you seek then look again or go and try, create and experiment yourself until you exhaust every possible means and ways. We have done it, we have found everything there is to know in the crop circle world simply by hard graft and determination to find the answers which are there to every question. All the answers are there, I promise you this !

In a world of communication and fast flowing information, research for you all should now be easier and more effective for everyone. In the past all you saw was newspaper articles, books and  TV news slots which captured your imagination of alien messages and invasion, but now you have information at your finger tips so there is no excuse to research everything thoroughly before you commit your mind to the depths of a non intelligent being.
You all posses intelligence which hasn't as yet been woken from a dreamy state, especially if you still think that man cannot create crop circles, so start by stopping being a puppet on a string, brush away those cobwebs and begin to regain your dignity by not being fooled or being laughed at by psychopaths who are continually robbing you in more ways than one. Wake up PLEASE !       

If you want to retain your sanity then DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO !
Its the biggest drivel that I have EVER sat through !
Red Collie is a professional liar who spreads false information - treat everything you hear from this man with caution !
Once he told me that aliens gave him the power to make woman orgasm, just by touching them on their shoulder !
REALLY ??? Wow !

Dr.Horace Drew was so afraid of being branded a crazy scientist by his laboratory work colleagues, hence he used an alias name as RED COLLIE. He begun to release his real name when he lost his laboratory job !

Did you know that Red Collie was actually banned from Crop Circle Connector for his outrages views back in 2008.


Once upon a time there used to be countless number of reports of balls of lights and other unexplained sightings but sadly it seems that all such sightings have withered away. The spirit of Wiltshire is now nothing more than a competition just to see who can get the photo first and how many crop circle pass's can be sold. Its become a battle of egos and pinging cash registers.
The same old crop circle theories keep on repeating like a needle stuck in an old scratched vinyl record - they just go on and on and in 30 years achieved NOTHING AT ALL. Even people who claimed miracle healing are ill once again and researchers keep on begging for donations so they can take expensive helicopter flights just to take a photo so they can profit from it through books and calendars, which you the blind sheep have donated endless amount of cash.
Its sad to think that the most amazing opportunity to research and interact with the Wiltshire phenomenon is slowly but surely disappearing and all because dirty money has become a priority in peoples lives. I feel that the only experience you will now have is watching out for the farmer who is keen to throw you out of his land and where circle makers are concerned then the experience of not twinkling lights in the sky but shot gun pellets up your arse ! There is nothing more to add but sadly to say THE WILTSHIRE EXPERIENCE IS DYING !

The more you promote crop circles then there will be more crop circle makers making them !. To an amateur circle maker as well as the long term experienced one - seeing their art work publicized for free through exhibitions, media, the press, calendars and book publications is a big ego boost. So at the end of the day its the promoter who's to blame as it is them who encourage the creation of crop circles year after year. 
This 2015 crop circle season has produced a questionable image which of course sparked off some controversy in the crop circle community.
What we have here is Monique Klinkenbergh posing for a press photo with farmer Mr.Tim Carson and rather Ironically a police officer !!!!. Figure that one out ehy ????!!!
So inevitably the challenge for some circle makers was tempting enough  to make a crop circle on Mr.Carson's land just to see whether it would be cut out, or would he support Monique and accept Monique's gracious handout and allow access through her scheme and leave the crop circle alone. Why else would he be posing with Monique when hes fully aware that crop circles are made by man.

It is with no surprise that soon after the photo was published,  a crop circle was indeed made on Mr.Carson's land which Monique was very quick at accusing us for making it. Here's Monique's accusation:
And here is the crop circle that was made on Tim Carson's land, for or once it actually looked well made but yet Monique thinks its man made and  so far has also failed to document the perfectly created Torino crop circle that its also man made. Rather choosy how Monique selects whats man made and what isn't don't you think ?.

The rather neat Rabbit Formation which Monique has classified as graffiti as seen in the image below was indeed cut out !
What would have happened I wonder if this formation was made under different circumstances - would Monique have classified it as paranormal creation ?. The chances are OF COURSE she would have, especially if she manged to secure a successful pass into it - she wouldn't be calling it graffiti then would she ?????.
Another huge Irony is seeing a police officer in the photo also !! Wow beggars belief as the photo of a crop circle  shown in the press as seen here is shown on her access page as no access possible - so did Monique think that was a paranormal creation,  as she did attempt to acquire access through her scheme !? ( As seen in the image below !!. ) But yet as reported , the police are investigating this crop circle as criminal damage created on this land. Perhaps the officer featured in the press photo should be questioning Monique as to why she is PROMOTING crop circles through her website and exhibition which is in  a church of all places ( sheer BLASPHEMY !! ) and encouraging circle makers to make more circles !. What Monique seems to conveniently avoid is that ALL crop circles are made by man and are ALL classified as criminal damage ( unless commissioned ) as of course her huge investment is hanging on a shoe string and an ego which is pending to burst !
A rather interesting comment from The Barge INN......
UPDATE: Article related to police inquiry has mysteriously been removed - however the same story can be found here and here. Other links linking the story on this blog have now been updated.
Monique Klinkenberghs exhibition in the main part of Saint Peters church. I personally find this very disturbing as lies and corruption and promotion of criminally created art is being encouraged in a place of worship !. Really quite disgusting !. Where there is money to be made - man has no shame !

Just recently we have been informed that a circle maker who took an annual leave in 2014 has returned to assist another circle maker simply because HE IS BEING PAID by to make crop circles by your favorite photographer.
The desperation and lack of quality designs being made in the UK this year always turns profiteers into rouge employers by  creaming the hands of circle makers, just so they can fill their books and calendars with Photoshopped images which are of course are sold for a profit.

What is rather disturbing also is that the return of this circle maker who some describe as rather dark in nature and his designs, you are blessing spiritual highs
by falling on your knees and kissing the ground on which the circle is made on. What if you knew that the circle maker in question is fueled by the intake of Ketamine, which of course his source of design influence comes directly from the dark side of Ketamine itself. Would you still be kissing the ground and be raising your hands to the heavens ?

What is also disturbing is that your favorite photographer is fully aware of 
this particular circle makers habits but yet he is prepared to pull wool over your eyes and still inform you that these designs have been created by a phenomenon.

VERY DISTURBING ! So in fact - what you as the believer is doing is following two very dark individuals who are conning you just so they can keep on creaming your wallets and purses. If the dark side is your thing then carry on  as you were !
The above could indeed be a slip of the tongue but what we know and you don't, IS NO SLIP OF THE TONGUE at all.
Do think about - PLEASE.
Image below was taken rather bravely by Lucy Pringle which shows how easy it is to mislead the believer through an aerial image alone. At ground level the formation is quite clearly seen as incredibly wonky and this is what some photographers pay for and manipulate later through Photoshop so you dont notice the imperfections.

*** ESCLUSIVO ****

Here we have it folks !
As we explained to you few posts down this page, the Torino crop circle was made by an exceptional Italian artist ( Francesco Grassi ) and his many friends.
Click on the Image to view the video. Thank You Francesco and your team.

Over the last few weeks I have had many people screaming at me for not releasing some factual news regarding your favorite photographer Steve Alexander. The news that you all have brought to my attention, was already know but I held back, thinking that this man may change his ways and stop corrupting his blind followers. It appears that he has no intention of stopping or being honest to the public at large - In fact he has gone a mile further by trying to put Crop Circle Connector out of business by setting up bogus Facebook pages and a website where he bluntly posts other photographers and crop circle connectors images without any due respect to their copyright rights, in a country which has relaxed copyright laws. So basically if anyone wants to complain about their image used on Steve's website  - they are helpless and cant do bugger all about it. 

Some of you may remember a Facebook page called Kaneda CCDB - In fact you may have even received a friend request from this page. We were fully aware of this page which at first gave the impression that It was a Japanese national who had an interest in crop circles. The page did indeed show the location as being in Japan - however anyone can choose whatever country they want through Facebook settings - so this was of course a purposeful diversion.
WE watched this page on a frequent basis, realizing in the process that images copyrighted to Steve Alexander were being posted even before they appeared on his Temporary Temples website. This kept on happening time and time again. On one occasion he posted images on the KANEDA Facebook in the early hours of one morning and then miraculously the same images appeared on a website called cropcircledatabase few minutes later.  What was so curious is that the images were of a new crop circle which wasn't even reported or made know to the public, but yet images had the regular Steve's copyright written on them !. Inadvertently he was slowly beginning to expose himself as the creator of this Kaneda CCDB Facebook page and cropcircledatabase website. The idea was to create as much exposure for his images as possible as crop circle connector does no longer post his photographs due to various disputes from the past.
The press and other media currently use crop circle connectors images for press stories, ( which are free to the press) where in the past they used Steve's who charged the press for usage,  this of course must have hurt Steve as he lacked exposure and income - so he decided to tackle this problem by creating Facebook pages and websites in order to create  exposure and recognition for himself by trying to screw up crop circle connectors annual membership.
shows quite clearly the location, the amount of friends and the website link which was originally named as This website originally showed as being in Czech Republic but now appears to be hosted as cropcirclesdatabase via a host in Singapore and the USA and some servers even point to South Africa !.

Last March 2015, Facebook page named Crop Circles - The people - The Mystery - The Truth picked up this story and challenged Steve Alexander by stating that KANEDA CCDB was in fact him not some Japanese national. ( initial exposure here ) Basically Steve lied to all his acquired friends just so he could promote his man made crop circle images to a vast audience. Rather than going through all the details as it can become rather drawn out, we have been given permission by the exposing Facebook page to use their slides which outline everything rather nicely.
Once Steve Alexander picked up the story himself there was a surprise response - a response where he was still trying to divert the exposure through some incredible bullshit and lies ! ( as seen below )

In association with his new cropcircledatabase website Steve also started a brand new Facebook page ( as seen in the slide below )
Steve ( Alias KANEDA ) claims to have received only £0.11p ( which is rather odd in its self ! ) in donations so we decided to pop over to his crop circle database website and clicked on the donate button. Shock horror its a FAKE NAME ( Michael Vassilakou ) Does that sound Japanese to you ?.
Anyway I kindly donated a £0.01p - which was accepted so I will make some appropriate checks later !!!

Few days after Steve Alexander exposure the KANEDA Facebook page miraculously disappeared !
(As seen here )

Please do not fund corruption by donation !
On every post Steve Alexander makes  a plea for donations so he can fly expensive helicopter flights just to show you heavily Photoshopped images in order  to  influence you to believe
that crop circles are created by aliens or paranormal entities. In part 2 of a related exposure we will explain that Steve is funding crop circle makers to make crop circles for him.
Always be aware of bearers of false gifts !. Crop circles are a false gift and hope for humanity.