Yet again another disappointment !
Looks like a well made documentary but unfortunately the same old looping theories, the same old researchers with the same opinions  and the same old stories. When will documentary makers finally get a grip and start to sing a different tune. There are secrets out there in the fields for sure but producers need to start to talk to different people ( who know ) to make any headway and begin to walk the paths of real truths.

There are elements where the officer will of course be cautious with words.

Mr. Colin Andrews talks about his encounter with the CIA, which resulted in a worldwide hoax concerning Crop Circles.
Interesting where Colin mentions the simple circles - well yes, the simple circles could be defined as unexplained but all patterned circles are 100% man made.

It appears that there is still some confusion regarding administrative roles on the Facebook page know as ' Report A Crop Circle Formation ' , also know as RACCF. This Facebook is NO LONGER managed by Andrew Pyrka - the role of administration has now been passed to Matthew Williams who will be responsible for day to day operations of the page for the foreseeable future.
Ebola outbreak - Bizarre crop circle art used to raise awareness in Italy.
An Italian land artist has created a huge work of art in a farm field to raise awareness about the Ebola epidemic. Dario Gambarin carved up 37-thousand square metres (9.14 acres) of field on Tuesday in Castagnaro to sketch out a 200-metre (218 yards) long drawing of the Ebola virus. The artist from Verona said that he wanted to draw attention to the Ebola crisis, after a Spanish nursing assistant was infected in the first case of Ebola being transmitted outside of West Africa.

There is a bit of humor attached to this latest render from R71 but also a message which should be regarded as thought provoking.

Also - is there a hidden Morse code message within the disc ?

Behind the scenes of the controversial crop circle pass scheme.
Quietly but with persistence Mr.Buckley is pursuing the National Farmers Union  to act against crop vandalism and crop circle pass schemes. We are not going to comment on this matter as the documents speak for itself.
Documents received anonymously.

I reserve every right to protect my name, my family and friends from filthy allegations which are not intended to have a crop circle debate but to smear, character assassinate and blackmail into submission. I also reserve every right to explain accusations made against me by informing you who made such allegations and why. I have sat silently long enough and will not tolerate individuals who purposely attack my own family through email and online abuse.

We also reserve every right to have our own opinion which we will always try to back up with evidence where its possible. If you feel that we made an assumption then we invite you to counter balance an argument providing you have sufficient evidence to the contrary.
Further allegations made by Paul Jones will eventually all be listed here on this thread.

While researching material for my new book, I came across something which may be of interest to you all !.