George Noory and Linda Moulton Howe and bang on at the same time as the release of the new DVD as mentioned in the previous blog below !!!
On my own Youtube channel I had 5 separate recordings of a Radio Interview with Linda Moulton Howe and George Noory - 2 out of 5 were removed by Youtube - YES ONLY 2 NOT THE FULL SET of 5 !!!. So if it was copyright infringement then why didnt they remove the full set of 5 which you have to listen to all 5 to get a sense of the entire interview. ( I have now removed the remaining 3 as without the other 2 its pointless listening to it )
This interview was on my channel since 2009 !


In the early hours of 5th of July 2009 an American film crew from Los Angeles claimed to have captured the ultimate footage of a crop circle appearing in the morning mist !. This alleged miracle was then broadcasted to the American audience from Charles Malletts home on July 31st 2009 - the interviewer was Linda Moulton Howe and George Noory.

The film crew stated on the interview that they had a HUNCH that a crop circle would appear opposite Silbury Hill. So at 3am ( YES AT 3am - still at the shortest nights of the year ) they CLIMBED SILBURY HILL and pointed their cameras at the exact spot where the crop circle would appear - they had various fields to choose from but yet they chose the exact field !
Forty minutes or so later BINGO a fresh crop circle appears out of the morning mist and so they have the ultimate footage ( Surprise surprise this footage has never been show - HMMMM i wonder why ?)

I spoke to one film crew member prior to their interview and was surprised to hear that they were fully aware that crop circles were man made as they commissioned one circle to be made for their documentary.
After hearing their interview I became highly suspicious of their claims to have captured a miracle. So I decided to investigate and later found out that they were tipped off by the circle maker ( Mr.T )
to be at Silbury Hill by 3am ( Still relatively dark at this time ). So their interview was a complete lie just to influence and make their audience believe that something very special happened.

Unfortunately their rather revealing interview has now been deleted ( Thanks Linda Moulton Howe for covering it all up !! )

The crop circle in question as seen below - SORRY CROP CIRCLE BELIEVERS BUT ITS MAN MADE !!!!
Rather than leaving things alone as they were - they are being bloody minded and stupid for raising old issues back into the light as now they themselves are shooting their own feet by making it even more obvious to the public of their own corrupt nature. Well done LINDA MOULTON HOWE - you really thought about it didnt you? - NOT !!!!



This documentary took 3 years to produce and an additional 2 years before its release on DVD. I was part of this 3 year documentary where many hours and days of filming took place. I shared vital information with the producers where the majority of it was filmed on camera. I was given the privy to watch the production before it was released on Norwegian Channel 2 Television - what I saw I was appalled and shocked how the producers twisted the truth, so I announced my withdrawal from the documentary as I did not wish to have any involvement with lies, corruption and deception. All the regular people in this documentary have been chosen to influence you to think that crop circles are a big mystery !!. The producer knew very well that crop circles are made by man especially when I informed them of the 2010 fiasco in East Field where human circle makers were caught in the act of making the giant scorpion crop circle. The producer and his assistant arrived at the scene and filmed as much as they could but sadly told the story as a mystery. So be very careful when watching this DVD as its FULL OF LIES AND DECEPTION to influence you to believe and buy !!!

The fact of the matter is TRUTH DOES NOT SELL !!!!

This is what The Red Collie thinks it is ! Hmmm
And this is what Steve Alexander thinks.
Here are some of examples of many, how researchers have twisted the minds of individuals out there - sadly these researchers live off the energy of poor souls (as seen below ) who seek spiritual hope !.
Researchers are fully aware that crop circles are made by man but yet they continue to stay silent and care not to enlighten these people with the truth. They want you to create theories and philosophies so you can influence others for their own benefit for one reason only - IT GENERATES SALES !
These researchers have no morals - no sympathy - no empathy - as long as you keep on buying their products, they will continue to cloud your minds !  Shameless cowards !
I'm completely astonished by crop circle believers who have failed to see the obvious !. The first crop circle reported is made by WHO/WHAT ?!!! but yet you all think its god - angels - aliens - mother earth - balls of light !! REALLY ????

Back to old school - a typical Doug and Dave design.

New crop circle reported ( Location originally was withheld )

Weekend next - 25th - 27th July will hold an annual crop circle conference so be cautious in what you believe in as crop circles WILL BE MADE TO ORDER !!!, just to justify the attendees who have paid to sit and listen to dross. When its gets to this level it becomes deception, fraud, corruption and vandalism - the aesthetics of art no longer applies.
Don't allow yourselves to be used as guinea pigs for their own personal philosophies and do not allow your own dignities to be torn apart by profiteers who even pay to have crop circles made.
Please be also aware that earlier on in the season we were informed ( unconfirmed ) that Team Satan were planning a come back - this new crop circle bares the hallmark of their return !!!

Location now released:
Forest Hill, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. United Kingdom. Reported 16th July 2014
Team SATAN ! - What a terrible name for a spiritual concept !!
This crop circle HAS NOW BEEN CUT OUT by the farmer - another one that's lasted a few hours in Wiltshire !

Another statement as yet again circle makers chose to make crop circles outside of Wiltshire - this time in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire the home of the very popular with tourists - The Cotswold's.
Researchers must be wondering whats going on - hmmm just between you and me they know !!!
Looks like its going to be the ' SUN ' theme for the rest of the year.

Macmillan Way, nr Rodmarton, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 15th July
Many  thanks to Mat Gyro for images and videos and for becoming the crop circle chaser of 2014 !
Someone is playing copy cat !!
Hackpen Hill, nr Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire. United Kingdom. Reported 8th July.

West Kennett Long Barrow in Wiltshire is once again targeted with the return of a simple circle which is cut out instantly by the farmer. Anyone who is attending   crop circle conferences will no doubt be filled with mystery and suspense regarding the latest crop circle - for once in your life don't buy into it as more and more people are beginning to realise that deception and corruption has ruled the Wiltshire landscape for three decades !!!!

Also please stop donating your hard earned income to profiteers who have conned you for such a long time !!!!

Mr. Mat Gyro and Mr. Matthew Williams the two gentlemen who have been providing images and Youtube videos for your enjoyment for free, have both issued statements.

Below:  Article Source
Below some true words from Matthew Williams.

Doug Bower is 90 years old !
To celebrate his birthday will Team Satan be making any crop circles out there ??? ( or have they already ? )

New crop circle reported at Long Man of Wilmington but the farmer gets there bright and early and cuts it out !!!

Images courtesy of Richard Cook