A new Facebook page is in the process of development which will aim to expose or credit individuals within the crop circle industry. I can assure you that we are not excluded !!. This page has been created by an individual who has taken upon themselves to combat the lies and deception within a world of cover ups and malicious lies ............
Compliments are also given - credit given where its due.

Please Note: Looks like the Page has moved to a new name. LINKS should now be updated. Thank you for reporting Dead Link.


If you are still not convinced that bent nodes are created by plants own recovery system and still think that they are made by aliens then please PROVE IT TO YOURSELVES by trying a simple experiment.
If you haven't got a Trail Cam then find a seclusive spot, preferably in a field with young barley, as barley has a very fast recovery rate . Flatten a small area ( ask farmer first ) then leave it for at least 24hrs or longer if weather conditions are dark and dreary, before you return to your selected spot . Warm and sunny days will produce results much quicker - what you should find is plenty of bent nodes and rising stems. This is a very simple experiment - it didn't need $500.000 in donations to DISPROVE IT !!!


Thank you all for support and comments. My apologise that I cant respond to them all but I will where I can .

Who is this lucky researcher ?
If you know and dont wish to name the individual then please send message through Facebook or this website please .
Please note : This website had a default donation button which was inactive anyway . I do not need your donations as what I do is for my own interest which I share with the public for free, and as  I longer have to ferry around  a scrounger and a lying  Judas traitor around with me then more frequent trips to Wiltshire will be made . ( making the £ stretch further )
Our interest in the actual phenomenon will continue, regardless of the various discreditation attempts by various individuals who do not want you to know the truth .
Watch, listen and observe , 2014 season is approaching !

2013 crop donation requests which have failed to reach their goal !
Spend your hard earned cash on yourselves rather than the ones who are capitalizing from man made crop circles.
Donation Plea by Lucy Pringle ( as seen below )


If you are planning any night watching in Wiltshire this coming season then please be advised to take some simple precautions. I have been advised that there are individuals who are planning to disrupt night watching activities.

Do not night watch alone - go in groups.

Do not advertise on Facebook or Twitter that you are planning night watching on certain time and date.

Do not advertise on Facebook or Twitter your location if you are already at your chosen location.

Do not encourage strangers ( people you have never met before ) to join night watching with you .

Inform a friend or a member of your own family of your whereabouts.

Make sure you do not leave your vehicle unattended.

If you are planning to stay over for a few nights then camp at designated areas , such as the Barge Inn. Most of the hot spots are within walking distance from this location.

Once you are at your selected night watch spot - try and stay unseen - avoid using torches where possible , as this will give away your location.

Be alert and take vehicle registration numbers if you suspect suspicious behavior, then report it to the Police by dialing 101 .
Inform us if you come across any problems - we will post ALL information of relevance, here on this page.

Night watching can be very rewarding and memorable, especially in the hot spots of Wiltshire. So please do not be put off by Idiots who are lacking in brain cells . Simple precautions can avoid problems and make night watching an enjoyable experience .


Looks like talks are underway for a second bash at introducing the Crop Circle Pass Scheme .
Before you know it , crop circles will become a commodity and shares will be sold through the stock exchange ! . Exploitation will always take place where money is to be made - unless of course the ones who provide do something about it !
No doubt Mr. Paul Jacobs will be out competing to get to the farmer first before Monique Klinkenbergh ! . If you support a donation scheme to compensate the farmer then I suggest you support the work of Paul Jacobs - also know as the CGI Group rather than someone who is seeking to capitalize from crop circle tourists.

Somewhere on a distant world , Aliens were working tirelessly ,
to bring us Earthlings spectacular designs and binary messages
of spiritual hope. Equipped with microwave lasers, iron filings, blueprints and angel hair , they set off on an annual epic journey across many galaxies , just to flatten some of Carsons wheat !


Their effort in creation was however very poor.
Perhaps, due to space lag, earth pollution, climate change or a tactical revenge for not receiving their annual crop circle book, calendar or an invitation to speak at Devizes Town Hall ! .


Sit back, watch and be phenomenally amazed by unearthly creations !

Army's new Watchkeeper drone to patrol Wiltshire skies !

A drone, bought by the Army for £850m, is to begin flying over Wiltshire this week.

It is the first time an "Unmanned Aircraft System" (UAS) has been cleared to use civilian airspace in the UK, on what is likely to become a permanent arrangement.

Time to put on your balaclavas boys and girls !