The latest Photoshopped crop circle, amazingly had the highest Facebook LIKES and viewing figures than any other crop circle made in 2014 crop circle season as the public believed it to be a physical creation. What this has proved is that the public are influenced tremendously by a well edited  image alone.
The latest Photoshopped image depicts the Crabwood Alien Disc with the very recognizable binary coded disc. 
This excellent piece of artistry clearly states that its a ' PERSONAL STUDY ' but yet the public become blind and ignore the text. As no one attempted to decode the message the artist released the full decoded image several days later.
Yet another perfectly created crop circle that didn't exist !
While on the subject of photoshopped crop circles - please take the below images for future consideration.
This is for your information just in case such images are used again by crop circle researchers who want to influence you to believe that geometric crop circles existed prior to Doug and Daves era.

**** For the purpose of observation just in case you blinked and missed it !! ***

It must have been quite a proud moment for a circle maker ( artist ) to see his own hard work and skill hanging on a museum wall.
Courtesy of Monique Klinkenbergh of course !
If only the visiting public knew that they were brushing shoulders with the artist himself !!! ???

Scandal and Shock, a Circle maker speaks! Getting down to what is really going on, and telling us of the strange anomalies and beings that circle makers encounter, Matthew Williams gives an entertaining and extremely informative lecture on the Crop circles, who makes them and what do they see.

Colin Andrews has issued a statement which indicates that hes retiring from the subject of crop circles. If this is indeed the case then it is a shame as yet another truth seeker and truth speaker has been bullied out of the subject.
Planetary forces beyond our control along with the
consequences of human abuse of our home and fellow
human, have brought us ultimately to the
One of Colin's last frank and open interview.
Colin's Statement:

It's time for quiet
- the time for talking is over.

Colin Andrews
September 5, 2014

Listening within and to others around me and
observing our surroundings, it has become clear to me
that the time for talking and finding thoughtful progress
is over. It is time now to be QUIET.

My own journey has included over three decades of
research into the many aspects of what we call
Consciousness.  The last book published was :
‘On the Edge of Reality’.

My overwhelming sense is that humanity has passed
the crossroads that represented the  11th hour
opportunity to adjust course. Talking now is unlikely to
change anything. The domino is falling towards a
determined place.

Quiet time will be a period, perhaps brief, to reflect and
find ourselves within a deep air of change.

Enjoy friends and family and make new friends. Look in
the mirror and forgive yourself and others and love like
there is no tomorrow.

I would like to sincerely thank those many who have
contributed to my own journey. For the nurturing and
happiness many have given.  I have had the honor of
seeing many good people out there who care enough to
try and make our world a better one – I married one
exceptional person, Synthia.
Planetary forces beyond our control along with the
consequences of human abuse of our home and fellow
human, have brought us ultimately to the

The 100th Monkey effect around Mother Earth is
speaking to us and showing us that this sunrise and
this sunset is different to all others .

The talking is over and now it is time to be still and

Comfort in the fact that we are in this together and
nobody will be left behind.  What comes to one, comes
to us all and hope for our children must be found within
this window of togetherness.

- Colin Andrews, September 5th, 2014
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Just over a week ago or so we received a crop circle image via email from someone claiming to be Alex Stevander !.
I have to be honest, I had to look twice as it did look as we missed a report of a crop circle, I have to say it did look pretty good and realistic. However !. Dont be fooled as this is a VERY GOOD Photoshop manipulation with Steve Alexanders name changed to Alex Stevander. I wonder what the artist is implying here ????!!!!

Interesting comment made by someone who has used Photoshop for 17 years.
Images below were sent via the anonymous emailer.
Unconfirmed reports state that this prank was created by Steve Alexander himself as he has the Photoshop ability - however Steve has passed the blame onto Matthew Williams - which I doubt very much !. Steve is remarkably quick to fire blame and  accusations at individuals who are prepared to expose him for his photo manipulations and his peddling the idea that crop circles are a mystery when he clearly knows that they are NOT !. Steve has paid circle makers to make crop circles for him and has made crop circles himself. So if its not Steve thats behind this excellent Photoshop manipulation then I can only say that the artist is implying that Steve manipulates photos so they look  highly pleasing to the eye which of course is part of a influencing factor for you to purchase books of highly crisp looking images - making you think that its alien perfection when its made non other than by man !
The above slide shows the same crop circle taken by individuals only days apart. Image number 3 was taken on the same day the report came in the rest were taken several days later - BUT look at the difference between each one !. Image number 1 is quite clearly over enhanced which plays a huge factor with believers who make a decision whether a crop circle is man made or not purely by images alone.

Ark Lane (3), nr Stroud Green, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 3rd September
The new addition is quite an improvement to the original out of proportion crop circle.

Circle makers are still findings fields out there - however mistakes are clearly visible. Look at the inner circle - slightly off center hence lost all proportions.

The month of August has been wet on and off so delays in harvest were inevitable. So therefore circle makers are taking the opportunity to cram in extra crop circles before seasons end.

Not sure what to make of this one - is it meant to be out of proportion or is the design intentional ? 

I like this crop circle for its simplicity and for its neat and tidy creation. Circle makers paid attention to detail by creating perfect radial construction lines and applied attention to the precise and even flattening process.
Images courtesy of cropcircleconnector
Video footage: By Matthew Williams

SHAME ON C.MALLETT - RED COLLIE, VAN DE BROEKE and BLT for continually trying to fool the public that something INCREDIBLE has happened in Dutch fields !

Here we go again - Knoll Down all over again.

The tiddly tiny maize crop circle made in Holland was made by Robbert Van De Broeke ! . Your own kids could make this in less than 10 minutes !! ( Cmon Robbert be a man and admit you are a fraudster ! )
By pushing the maize stems down at the root base with your hands or even feet will keep the plant alive as long as its still rooted to the ground !
Once again we see Charles Mallett, BLT and Red Collie trying to influence the public that some miracle has occurred. They are bonkers and need to go back to school to learn some botany basics!. Red Collie calls himself a scientist - bloody hell no wonder people don't trust science any more !!

THIS IS ABSOLUTE NONSENSE - This is nothing more than the plants own recovery system. When the plant is flattened by weather or by man plant it will naturally begin to rise towards the light/sun - its as plain as that !

Sorry folks but it makes me vomit seeing these named people make fools of you !!!
Charles Mallett states that its two and a half days recovery - Red Collie states that its 5 days !!!

Please read the article below which will beautifully explain to you how maize crop recovers after being flattened by weather.

Article and Images courtesy of:

An Example of "Recovery" From Severe Root-Lodging – (Bob Nielsen)

A thunderstorm with strong winds flattened hundreds of acres in eastern Indiana late in the afternoon of 22 July as a result of plants being partially uprooted. The appearance of damaged fields the morning after was demoralizing to growers and casual observers alike.

However, because many of these fields were planted extremely late due to a wet planting season, the plants were still in the late vegetative phase of development (1 to 2 weeks before tasseling) and, most importantly, still in the process of stalk elongation. Root-lodged stalks that are still elongating can respond to such root-lodging by slowly bending or "goose-necking" in an attempt to regain an upright stance. Such "goose-necking" is the result of changes in the distribution of plant growth hormones in the stalk tissue that cause more rapid elongation on the bottom side of the nearly horizontal stalks than on the top side.

As long as root damage caused by the lodging is not extreme and there is adequate soil moisture to foster additional root development during the recovery period, flattened fields of corn at these growth stages can "recover" fairly well. I put the word "recover" in quotes because severely root-lodged fields will usually not recover completely. However, if the damaged plants can goose-neck sufficiently and quickly enough by the time the field moves into the critical tassel/silk pollination period such that the portion of the stalk containing the silked ears is again upright, then pollination will likely be successful.

The three photos accompanying this article are from a 30-acre field at the Davis-Purdue Ag Center in Randolph County. The storm moved through the area late in the afternoon of 22 July and severely flattened hundreds, if not thousands, of corn acres in the area. The field had been planted 3 June, much later than desired because of the frustratingly late, wet planting season. However, the good news was that plant development was consequently delayed relative to the calendar and the field was still about one week away from tasseling and pollination. I say "good news" because the plants were still in their rapid growth phase with stalks still rapidly elongating.

The first photo shows the appearance of the damaged field the morning after the storm. I estimated 80-90% of the plants were root-lodged and nearly flat to the ground. The second photo shows the same field six days late on 28 July and the change in appearance is amazing. Dramatic bending of the horizontal lower stalk tissue resulted in "goose-necked" plants and, more importantly, enough upright growth to place the silking ears in a position to be exposed to pollen from the tassels.

Time will tell to what extent yield will be decreased and, unfortunately, there is no good comparison to even determine how much yield will be lost. With the hope that weather conditions during grain filling improves, the next big challenge will be harvesting the crop because of the difficulty of moving the combine header through the yet root-lodged lower portions of the crop canopy.

Related reading

Nielsen, R.L. (Bob). 2011. Prospects of Recovery for Root-Lodged Corn. Corny News Network, Purdue Univ. Extension. [online] Available at [URL accessed July 2011].
Whether  its wheat, barley or canola, similar principles of plant recovery apply !
Absolute proof of idiocy from Charles Mallett !!!
Here we have proof how Charles Mallett twists things in order to try and get public on his side from his own wrong doings. Just like the episode of Knoll Down 2012 which to this day he cannot accept that we saw this crop circle being made and what pisses Mallett off is that the Knoll Down Crop Circle was full of spectacular bent nodes.
HE SIMPLY CANT ACCEPT THAT HE IS WRONG ! So to cover up his inability he chooses to make up bullshit !. As seen below.

Andrew Pyrka NEVER implied that he could recreate bent nodes or physical effects BY HAND !. This is purely Malletts brain working rather irrationally !.
Andrew Pyrka stated in a reply ' Been there, done it and got the T-shirt !

So what was meant by the reply was that Andrew made crop circles which produced all the physical anomalies naturally like bent nodes and crop rising off the ground after a day or so after its creation IE: KNOLL DOWN WAS A GOOD EXAMPLE !


Mallett in his rant has displayed an image of the Waylands Smithy maize formation from 2009. The reason why this crop did not fully regain the upright position was simply due to heavy visitor footfall and due the way it was created. Many plants were hacked with a machete as displayed in images below and large amount of the crop had snapped stems !
Machete hacked crop ! - crop will die and not recover !
Anyone who visited this formation would walk on pushed down stems. Heavy visitor footfall would crush a high percentage of downed crop.
Just to confirm why plant stems did not rise fully again - here is a report by Olivier Morel and Janet Ossebaard.
Snapped stem - crop will die and not recover !
The stems which have remained rooted are showing signs of rising back towards the light. So you are wrong in your original post and  wrong for calling me a liar Charles Mallett !!!
The crop which has been uprooted, snapped or crushed has died as seen by plant discoloration.
eport / Comments Our photographer Olivier Morel went with researcher, Janet Ossebaard to investigate this first formation of 2009 in Maize.  Below is Janet's report.

On 29 August, I received Mark Fussell’s ‘crop circle rumour’: a formation in corn (maize) at Uffington, west of the White Horse. I drove there and met up with French photographer and researcher Olivier Morel. From atop the hill we could clearly see the formation, consisting of quite a large number of circles, varying in size and forming a pattern that looked like a large S. We could see 3 large circles and many smaller ones surrounding those 3.

It is extremely difficult to find a formation in tall corn (approx. 2.5 metres/8 feet!) Even though we had located it from the hill top and we knew we had to count four trees backwards before entering the field, we searched for almost an hour; at times I got the feeling that we were completely lost in what seemed like a dense forest. Finally, using our cameras ona pole, we managed to properly locate the formation and stepped into what was our first corn formation…

I was somehow shocked by what I saw: the corn plants were severely damaged.  Most were ripped at the base (although at different heights), others were torn out of the soil with roots and all, and yet others seemed like they were neatly cut with a knife (see first thumbnail opposite). “Weapons of mass destruction” is what came to my mind.  If this was the real phenomenon, it had failed to be subtle; these plants would not survive... There were some very interesting features however.  The two outer circles contained 11 bars/pathways that ended with circles varying in size. From small to large, they surrounded the 2 large circles, thus forming an S-shape which seemed quite intricate.  The inner large circle contained 2 tufts of standing plants, surrounded by a nice swirl of flattened plants. Some of the smaller circles had surprising features, such as a tipi, off-centred swirls, multi-layering and even a tent (see 7th thumbnail opposite)! The latter reminded me of the one built of willows in the garden of the Silent Circle Café at Compton Bassett. At first sight I was in awe, but upon closer inspection, some the knots with which the stems had been tied together looked highly ‘suspicious’: one was simply a double knot which seemed utterly man-made (see 5th thumbnail opposite).

We found many footprints, although that doesn’t mean much. They could have been left behind by previous visitors or even by the farmer,  after all the formation was clearly visible from the white horse hill top. Yet, in order to actually find it one had to be quite focused and determined due to the size and density of the crop, which pointed once again in the direction of hoaxers. After all, most serious researchers have gone home by now, and tourists are not likely to go through the trouble of searching in the way Olivier and I had…

In short: the formation – being large and intricate – truly impressed me. Some features make me think it’s man-made: the many footprints, the damaged plants, the absence of biophysical anomalies, and the suspicious details such as the knots in the ‘tent’. Also, both Olivier and I felt no energy present. On the other hand, if the formation was indeed man-made, how could we explain the intricacy, the multi-layering, the fact that some stems had been missed by the flattening force, whereas they were only inches away from those that laid flat on the ground? Why were some nettles still standing (see 3rd thumbnail opposite), as if completely ignored by the flattening force? When I tried to push them down with my foot in order to see if they would fling back up again, they broke…

I cannot compare this corn formation with other corn formations, as this was my first. I can only say I truly enjoyed the experience of being in a large corn formation, in a gorgeous late summer afternoon, followed by a lovely meal in the nearby village inn. Life is good…

Janet Ossebaard, 2009
What a surprise ! Oh look ! A bent node/elongated node as found in one of the stems which did rise off the ground and survived the ordeal. Truly amazing what happens in MAN MADE CROP CIRCLES !!!
Image taken at Waylands Smithy formation by Olivier Morel !